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"My painting is a message to all people who need love and beauty. What everyone will see in them has already happened, is happening at the moment or will happen in the future. These images are inspired by the memory of mankind and the purest vibrations that people feel"- this words belongs to the Bulgarian artist PETER MITCHEV who lives and works in Tampa, Florida.
" These paintings are like children to me and that is why I am thankful if they bring joy and satisfaction. For me, painting is a form of thinking. It is a way of living. It is a mission impossible to give up. Painting is a salvation for my wicked soul..."
"A Game with a horse and Butterfly" - 25x31; Category:Compositions with horses
The US Critic for Peter Mitchev :
" Mitchev, who recently moved to the Tampa Bay area with his wife and two daughters, is one of the most productive and successful artists in Europe. His works are on permanent exhibit in galleries in 25 counties on five continents and in private collections worldwide, including the home of Pierre Duquet, lifetime academician of the French Beaux-Art, where they hang on the wall next to Picasso and DeBuffet."
"A Game with a Kitty II" - 24x20 ; Category: Reveries
"A Couple" - 18x14 ; Category Love


"Reverie with a fairy horse" - 20x24; Category Compositions with horses;
"Tales for Children and Adults VI" - 20x16; Category Tales for Children and Adults

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"Sensitive and strong, virtuoso in the game with colours and master in the painting, settled deep roots in the History, but surreal by inspiration, Peter Mitchev obviously bounds up his art with the religion. It looks like that probably he obtains, lead mostly by instinct than by knowledge, from the sacred imagination of Assyria and Egypt, Byzantium, the west Middle Ages and Venice of Doges. And from those successfully harmonized strata and supreme delight is born the art of Mitchev - holy and passionate.
Where from come those magnificent dressed women, with hands hold out to the sky, with eyes - large open and heavy, scarcely awaken for our world? In order to make us feel so deeply their dual nature, Mitchev shows with his creation one of the most mysterious and most transcendent perspectives of the contemporary art. "

Jean-Claude Brisville
French play-writer



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